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Lew's Team Lew's Custom Pro 1000 5.2:1 Speed Spin Reel.

About this item

  • Premium 12 stainless steel bearing system

  • Zero Reverse sealed one-way clutch bearing

  • Aluminum body and sideplate with flush and drain port (2000, 3000, 4000 models only)

lew's fishing reels.

Your fly fishing reel can be as crucial as your fly fishing pole. At one time, many individuals thought about the fly fishing reel as simply storage for your line, however it has actually developed into a lot more. The reel can make a huge distinction in having the ability to drag in your fish or stopping working to do so.

Many fly fishing reels are made of aluminum. The type of reel you utilize depends on the fish you are attempting to capture.

Your fly fishing reel must have a strong manage that is simple to control. Some reels include double manages-- one on each end of the spinner-- that makes it a lot easier to clinch and end up. Which one you pick depends on you!

The spindle holds the fishing line. This ensures that the reel spins real and smooth without any disturbance from the angler or the rod. You can cup your hand on the exterior of the space so you can play with the fish and conserve your take on if you are utilizing light flies.

The drag on a fly fishing reel develops pressure and avoids the line from totally free spooling or back lashing. You can have a click drag on your reel which are springs that put pressure versus an equipment stopping it from moving.

The reel secures to your fishing pole with a "seat" that clamps down on the manage with "feet". All reels are made to the exact same requirement so the seats that are on fly fishing pole with deal with all fly fishing reels. Essentially, you can select out your rod and then select the reel you desire and not have to fret if it will fit your rod.

Selecting your fly fishing reel depends a lot on what kind of fishing you will be doing. You will desire one that can manage the pressure of the weight of the fish if fishing for big video game fish. You will desire a basic reel that will make bringing your fish in simply a little bit much easier if you are simply fishing for trout and bass.