Top 5 benefits of using Survival Clothing,

Survival clothing isn’t just about being fashionably camouflaged when you’re out in the wilderness, it’s also about keeping you warm, dry, and safe when you’re braving harsh weather conditions or dealing with extreme temperatures. However, there are some other great benefits to survival clothing that don’t get quite as much attention as temperature regulation and camouflage. If you’re not familiar with survival clothing and its associated benefits, here are 5 of the best ones to get you started on your way to making an informed decision about what kind of gear works best for your own needs.

1) Survival clothing can protects you from bugs.

Survival clothing comes with long sleeves and pants to protect you from bugs and mosquitoes, who love people covered in sweat. Without survival clothing, bugs can easily bite you or transmit diseases like malaria or dengue fever. The last thing you want when lost in a forest is any kind of sickness added to your problems. Using survival clothing prevents mosquitoes from biting you because their eyes are blinded by its tight weave. Survival clothing also helps keep away ticks if wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants because they provide a shield against parasites trying to attach themselves to humans for food. This protection gives you one less thing to worry about when lost in an unknown environment like a forest.

2) They are durable.

Just like any other type of clothing, you can count on survival clothes to last you a long time. They’re built to last and because they’re durable, there’s less chance that you’ll have to replace them for a while (which makes it easier on your wallet). You’ll also get plenty of use out of each item so you won’t need multiple items from different seasons or occasions. You can plan for both emergencies and daily life by making sure that your closet has all you need. Though we hope never to have an emergency where we rely on our clothes for safety, knowing we have them in case something does happen is great peace of mind for anyone.

3) They can be used in all types of weather

One of survival clothing’s greatest strengths is its versatility. It can be used in all types of weather, protecting from both heat and cold. It is lightweight and moisture-wicking. The material will dry quickly so you stay warm when it’s wet outside or dry when it’s raining. If you were to get caught in inclement weather, survival clothing would keep you warm but not make you overheat if conditions got worse. You could also use it as a layer under your regular clothes if you need extra warmth for a particular activity. For example, a base layer could help insulate your body against colder temperatures while hiking or skiing.

4) Survival clothes blend in with your surroundings

By choosing green colors and military patterns, survival clothing helps you disappear into your environment. This is especially helpful if you’re in a foreign land and want to avoid being seen as an outsider. These types of clothes also help keep you safe while hiking through wild territory or even just playing at a park with your kids. Since these items are often made of rip-stop fabrics that can double as parachute material, they’re ideal for EDC purposes, too.

5) They can protect against UV radiation

Today’s clothing is designed with sun-protective features like SPF (sun protection factor) and UPF (ultraviolet protection factor). But survival clothing is a different breed: it’s made of synthetic fibers that protect from radiant heat, reflect harmful radiation, and shield you from solar rays. Look for products with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 50 or more; Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50 or more; or both. Also choose broad-spectrum sunscreen, which protects against both UVA and UVB rays. For instance, if you want to use Survival Clothing as your primary form of protection when hiking through an area where rattlesnakes are common, then look for products that have been treated with permethrin. Permethrin can be sprayed on clothing to repel insects, ticks, and even snakes. For added comfort and durability, look for garments that are treated with ScotchgardTM Protector by 3MTM before they are sold at retail outlets.


When you’re working outdoors, even for a few minutes, heat escapes at an alarming rate. Wearing survival clothing is necessary if you are going to do any work in extreme weather conditions. The right survival clothing protects you from environmental factors that can potentially put your life at risk. In short, it’s important to layer and remain protected when spending time outdoors in any type of climate. If you’re looking for a more advanced level of warmth and protection, then survival clothing is ideal for surviving just about anything Mother Nature can throw at you.